Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sam my Man

So here is my little man, Sam. Yesterday I was nursing Ben...(of course), and Sam asked me what is Ben doing? I explained that he is eating his breakfast. He asked me what is he having? I explained that he is drinking his milk. To that he asked, "...and is the other one, (pointing to my other "pecho" (boob is spanish, it is what we call it around here.)) the other one juice?" I had to laugh...yes Sam the other one is his juice. I am proud of him though. We have not had a poopie in the pants incident for almost two weeks now. One of the reasons for this is divine inspiration. I was at the end of my rope one day and I had to cry out (just like in the Bible) to God and ask him how I was going to get my 3 year old to stop messing his pants...and then it came to me. "Stop getting mad and spanking him or threatening his life...just take away his swords". I had no idea how inspired this was. I immediately went to him and told him very politely and matter-of-factly that if he poops again in his pants, then I will take away his swords. He was mad at the idea, but it didn't really effect him till they were taken away. I put them above my Armoure (sp?) He tried to climb the tall piece of furniture, but finally gave up when he realized it was impossible. (Yes! I win! Hah...oops, not the most humble parent am I?) So, when he went in the toilet...he got them back. It only took 3 times for this to happen and he hasn't done it again since.... So, I am hoping this will work when he is a teenager with the car, his phone, know, just about everything. Didn't realize it had to start at 3...poor kid. I love this boy though. He is a crack up and loves to play with ants, hunt for crocodiles and torture Beckah. By the way, my friend Ashlie took the pictures of all my kids...they are cuter than I imagined. Thanks Ashlie. Ben is very different looking from Sam. Smaller eyes, fat face. We may need to focus on the "inner" beauty with Ben! Hah. Goodnight. ---Ana


  1. I didn't know you named your baby after my baby. I knew you liked me but I didn't realize how much :)

  2. he is beautiful...just like his mama!

  3. He is beautiful alright. That is my grandson. With a face like that he can poop anywhere he wants to...just keep him away from my kitchen table!.