Thursday, October 23, 2008

Her Name is Miss Valorie....

Hello! I decided to post an email that I received from my sweet friend Michelle of Oregon. She has a friend named Theresa who did a wonderful thing. (posted below,,,please read!) It helped me remember my experience with “Miss Valorie”. There is a homeless friend on the corner by my house and her name is "Miss Valorie". Her front teeth are missing and she is such a friendly lady. She always has a big smile and a wave for everyone. For the past 4 years, I have seen Valerie on the corner and she has become my kid’s favorite. We always roll down our window and give her some groceries that we bought on our way home, or even a slice of Pizza from Little Cesears. One day we stopped traffic to give her a pop-tart cuz the light had turned green and we had to move. Last year "Miss Valorie" had earrings on and make-up with a fancy hat. Elizabeth got so excited pointing out her fanciness saying "Mom, maybe "Miss Valorie" has a boyfriend! " The next week we stopped and asked her if she has a boyfriend. She yells out "Heavens no! I just wanted to be fancy!" We all laughed. When I was pregnant with Ben...very big and pregnant, she spotted my belly as I was handing her a dollar and asked what was that? (pointing to my belly) I told her I am having another baby! She asked me if I know what causes pregnancy. I said, "no what?" She said, "lots of kissing". She laughed her toothless grin and told me to watch out with that. I laughed and told her I would be more careful.

I haven't seen "Miss Valorie" now for about 6 months. My kids miss her and every time we pass that corner one of my children will say out loud.."I wonder what happened to Miss Valorie.” I miss her too. I wish I had made more of an effort to find out her background and why she is where she is. I am thankful for the Spirit of Christ that inspires us to love everyone. I am thankful for the way "Miss Valorie" helped me and my children. I have prayed much for her too and I hope she is in a good place right now. So, this is a personal invite to say Hi to someone in need. I am sure today you will see a homeless person on a corner if you are out and about. Share a few words and you will see that they are struggling just like the rest of us. We are not so different, only that they might not have been trained and loved as much as you.
See I can be sober too…just not as fun. hah

Her Name is Betty....

This is an email that I recieved from a friend of mine. It is so good, I wanted to share it with all of you.
"Greetings! I went to talk to "the lady" that stands over by McDonalds/Costco (on Cornell > Rd. in Hillsboro). She stands there, with her sign asking for help, almost every day. I have often seen her and whispered a quiet prayer for her, but always looking away when I drove past her. I felt prompted by God,to go listen to her story and pray for her today. I did go listen and she did let me pray for her! At first she thought I had come to condemn or criticize her being there. I assured her that I came to minister to her and to hear her story. She shared with me a lot in a very short period of time. She has suffered many calamities and abuses, many from her own family. Betty used to have a job until a few years ago, until she had a mental breakdown. She was diagnosed with bipolar disease ( A generational curse from > her Mother's side) . She at first was given the wrong meds. and during "black outs" she did and said bad things. Betty got fired and as a result she has lost many things and now lives in a tent. The system has failed her in many areas or she "does not qualify". She is homeless in our community and needs our prayers at the very least! She is on the "waiting list" for different social services and "waiting" for disability insurance that never comes through. She does not gamble,drink, smoke or do drugs. She depends on the kindness of others to help pay for her mail box and other bills that she is trying to pay off because she believes she needs to be as responsible as she can with the money people give her. She accepts the money and the gift cards that people give her. She appreciates the kindness of a wave and a smile. She has hope that there is an answer for her, that her money will come, and believes that God takes good care of her "out here".She blesses those who are unkind with their words or their gestures. Some words are harsh and critical, and she still smiles. When I was leaving her she said to me."God blesses me that I can stand here and watch the eagles and hawks fly. I am not here so we can judge or criticize the value or correctness of the things she shared with me. I am here to share a piece of her story so that you would know "Betty". That you would be kind to her when you see her and wave or smile. That you would give her money or gift cards or ask her what she needs. But, most of all, would you pray for Betty. Pray for the healing of her mind and for God to meet her every need. That curses would be broken and blessings be poured out. I know she is but one of many homeless people "out there", but I know we can make a difference. Even if it is one person at a time, it makes a difference to them.> > Abiding in His mercy and grace,> > Teresa