Thursday, October 9, 2008

Eye Flashies...past and present.

So, here I am on the bed with my lap top and Ben is cooing at the ceiling fan. He had three shots in his legs today...a total of six vaccinations. Poor little guy. I hate the shot thing. I always hover over their faces as they turn bright red and let out a breathless scream. I am glad at that moment that in two minutes my baby won't remember the last five minutes...too bad they don't stay that way huh? There were many times today that I would have liked Sam (my 3 year old) to forget the last five minutes. I did a lot of counting, tight grabs to the "thinking chair" and eye flashies. (you know eye flashies right? The thing you do where you make your face pull back the skin around your eyeballs, making them stick out further. If this method is going to be effective, you have to clench your teeth at the same time while tightening the neck. Leave any part out...and you have failed at the eye flashie technique.) My mom was always good at that one. She could be down the hall on the other side of the church building, and when she would "eyeflashie" we would get numb butt and reverantly walk back to our seats....praying. You didn't want to get to step two cuz that was a severe pinch in the arm or leg by her strong skinny fingers. Her fingernails were like acrylics...but real and I swear she would sharpen them to make the extra pointy for just the right pain. One pinch and you were wishing you had stopped at eyeflashie. Step three depended on whether you were in public or not. If you were in public, you had better wish for death cuz that would be less painful than what awaited you when you got home. If it was not in public, then expect hair pulling or a tight finger pointing you to your room "immediately"!...I’ll leave out the rest of the gory details. Don't get me wrong my mom is awesome...and was a great mom...but I am glad she was the way she was or I would feel like a total failure right now. Today was good though. We had a water fight outside and icecream. Hopefully my kids will remember the fun mommy and not so much the flashieeye mommy. Well, Ben calls for the all you can eat smorgasbord...need to maintain his 16 pounds...97 percentile. I am training him to be a heavy weight champion. So proud of my cream....wish it could come straight from my hips...then we would really be talkin! Ugh. I am a whale! Goodnight--Ana


  1. Water fights and ice cream in October??? Sheese!!!
    I've heard mom's pinching stories...glad it wasn't me!! Love you Mamita!!

  2. I LOVE YOU!!!!! You rock!

  3. It is so sad you were raised by such an abusive mother.
    Ice cream and water fights? they will not remember it, somehow only the abuse sticks in their sorrowful little minds. I am just grateful the grandchildren will remember the real me.
    Love you always and forever.
    "Mommy dearest".

  4. So glad to hear your silliness and jokes again, they sure make me laugh. :) Smiles.