Thursday, April 14, 2011

One way ticket to "la Isla bonita" please?

So tonight I did something out of the ordinary...I watched two movies--in a row. First of all, I hardly ever watch movies let alone two. It felt great. It felt wild. And now I'm eating chocolate at 11:54pm and I know I will be regretting it in the morning from all those dumb calories I'm consuming late at night but I don't care right now and I'm totally enjoying it. Today was one of those days that I think I would like to put circus music too--maybe add some classic psycho music in there too. Some days are like that. More than some days are like that for me lately and I am ready to stop and get off the ride. What is this all for? Progression? Whatever. Who really is progressing when all I'm doing is driving kids from school to sports to activity to church to home? What kind of family progresses when all the mom wants to do is run away to some island in the South Pacific and gorge herself on mangoes she bought from a nice fruit vendor with a handsome goatee on the beach...perhaps he sprinkles some cayenne pepper on it like they do in Mexico. Or the husband...any way, we'll leave him out.
Today I went on an hour swim. The water was perfect and clear. I did imagine myself in the ocean swimming away. I swam hard and felt my muscles burn. I loved it. I love the sound of the water in my ears as I inhale then exhale into the water. I love the smell. Chlorine smells so amazing. Someone had brought a freshly washed towel and laid it over the side of the pool--I smelled that too when the breeze blew it's scent. I'm grateful for that hour today. I guess that is really what this day should be about...the little good things that meant a lot today. The funny things my kids say, the time in the water, the movies I made myself watch tonight and the chocolate I just gobbled up. I'm still in my swim suit. The next and last thing on my gratitude list will be a shower then sleep. I'll try to tune a new song to my day tomorrow. Circus music is creepy. Goodnight.