Monday, August 23, 2010

Being Bipolar is normal

This weekend has shaped into quite a joy ride. I have been able to feel as high as a kite (no drugs used) and low as a sewage system (I know, but I try) all at the same time! Have you ever felt this bipolar? If you say no, then you are either lying to yourself or you are on Paxal. Life is like that. So many twists and turns, that you can only hold on, buckle up and enjoy the ride! It all started on Friday, when Ben woke up with a 102 fever after his nap. This resulted in no swimming with good friend. Crap! I was really looking forward to that watery escape! Sick kids really are the worst. I hate to see their little bodies suffer. Esp when they are sweet. When they are not sweet?....then I am glad they are sick. No, I haven't met a child who isn't sweet....I was just saying. (Sheesh.) So up all night last two nights...I mean, ALL NIGHT. Hearing him cough and give out little moans. All I can do is elbow Doug to wake up too so he can suffer like me. (Doug says he had a migraine, so he HAD to take xtra pills to help it go away....right....I want to pull that one too) Sorry, babe, I know I am so unfair..blah, blah blah. So, I will spare you the rest of the story. Ben is slowly getting better and obviously loves me more..... Oh, and the "high as a kite" part? I got to spend time with amazing Premier Deigns women on Saturday, eat and shop with friends....that is more than high. So, life is balanced and good. I am sure I will have some down times in my day..but I hope that with all that life brings, my ups will outweigh my downs. (yikes, I think that is a Disney song) Help!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Facebook is NOT dumb.

So I will start my blog writing spell with this deep thought by Sam....he comes up to me yesterday and says, "Mom, it wouldn't be a good idea if someone says, 'Hey, I dare you to fall out of that tree and die!' and you do it, huh? that would be dumb. huh?", yes, Sam, that would be dumb. So, that is the thought for the day. Don't do dumb things--at least dumb dares :) Lets all learn from the 4 year old.
On that note,(and not cuz its dumb) I wanted to express my undying love for Facebook now that I have become an official addict. If anyone out there has a therapy program for it, please help me. Why this recent addiction? Well, I have recently come across some very dear and loved friends from my past and I am TRIPPIN. (say it in cool way). I am TRIPPIN in a good way though and I am actually enjoying this trip...i don't want to go home yet, and may be on a permanent vacation... Who knows all you skeptics, FB may be God's tool to get us together with not only our old friends but with ourselves. In the Book of Mormon the word "remember" is mentioned countless amount of times. Remember. I love that. I will. How many times do we feel lost to what we once knew and felt? A good friend, past or present, can come along and help us remember the things were already know deep inside---reminding us of the person we used to be…yup, I’m talkin to you !
So, that is my justification on FB....bring it on if you want to fight about it. I will keep loving all those old friends I am finding....cuz it is so wonderful to know they still care!—Ana