Monday, October 13, 2008

kite flying for a buck and Beckah stuffing already?

Kite flying is really great in Tucson if the weather is 70 degrees. Actually anything under 70 degrees is great. What made kite flying extra great is the pretty amazing dollar store "Dora" kite that we used. All for a buck...and some faith. Heather helped me in the adventure. I have to admit it is a little scary to take the chance that Beckah, Sam, Adam B., Miranda, Abe, Adam, Paul and Ben would be crushed hopes if we didn't get the plastic thing up. They had high hopes (hah, get it?) on that kite. When I got home from the park...I wondered why I don't go to the park more often....of course I then remembered the 105+ degree weather we have been having and if I spend an afternoon at the park, the house will look as if a tornado hit it. This is the truth, If my house hasn't been cleaned by 2pm....then it will be an "out of body experience" to try and get myself to clean it before the evening comes. It is kind of like working out. If I have not worked out by 2 pm...then you can pretty much welcome the cellulite into your day, cuz its not happenin. Icecream will also play a key role in your afternoon (why wait for dessert at night?) . So, on that note...I think I will have some icecream and look at my clutter at the same time. Can you say "self-mutilation?" Elizabeth just said she found a breast pad in the couch...if she only knew that if she lifted the cushions she would find about ten! Have a wonderful Fall day...and if you live anywhere with changing leaves...please pile them up and jump in them. I miss that! Cactus needles just don't have the same effect. Talk more later--Ana
Oh..PS...this picture is of Beckah with "breasts". She found a couple of green foam balls and I caught her stuffing them in her bathing suit and posing in the mirror. She had a big smile on her face...I have to admit so did I when I found her! Beckah loves boobs....uhoh.


  1. Let her get it out of her system, at least she knows her gender very well and proud of it!

  2. We will do the leaf thing for you, promise! Megan likes to put on my bra but she doesn't stuff it, I guess it's because her mommy is not as well endowed as Becca's mommy;-)