Friday, May 30, 2008

Sparkly Leotards

Having the desire to skip out of the state and join some desert Indians somewhere in the cliffs of New Mexico, I have opted to write a little to my blog and go to bed trying to ignore a loud "Stargate" episode blasting from the T.V--from the husband (praise the Lord for orange ear plug things). I am full of pregnant emotion and might write things I could regret, therefore, I will just feel the satisfaction that there are others out there who have hated their husbands at one point in time and who have wished that they were single and could join the circus if they really wanted to...(not saying that life now is not similar to the circus, I just think it would be fun to be on some trapeze or something and wear sparkly leotards)...oh, and I guess I could say the same about myself! Hahh.. Imagining my husband in a sparkly leotard has suddenly made me feel a whole lot better. So, this has worked and you have all helped me tonight. Thank you! Well, goodnight, and I will attempt to be better on my writing though my life right now does not allow me to be very commital in my blog entries. I love you all. If any of you are upset by my man-hate right now, then I suggest, you stop reading my blog all together, cuz this is a little too much realism that you may not be ready for. Goodnight--bitter, pregnant woman., Ana!