Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What is that called? Oh, yeah a table!

Okay, this will be short since I just deleted my great entry...and I mean it was wonderful. Talked about coming up from the dead and poop and all kinds of cool stuff, but it is gone now cuz I don't know how to use a computer! Why? Because I am totally fuzzed out in my brain and cannot make any sense of the senseless babble that is in my head. I need sleep. I need my baby to let me sleep. He wants an all-you-can-eat boob fest all night and day, and I gotta tell is a little exhausting. I couldn't remember the word for “table” today. Elizabeth had to finally ask me if I meant "table". I just stared back at her with my mouth open and drool coming out nodding slowly. (I think she may have taken a breast pad and wiped it off my lip...what a good girl!) I do have great kids. They have been home for a three week break, and besides the clump of poop left in the washer after the wash had been put in the dryer...(yes, washed poop still stinks and sometimes older siblings don't know they should rinse the poop out of the underwear of their regressing sibling’s (Sam) underwear. ( I swear he pooped his pants for the 100th time)...yeah, had to wash that load hot. So, where was I? (Got the poop story in, hope I don't delete this again) has been great. I am trying to resurrect my personality now and I hope expressing myself on this blog will help. Just a shout out to all of you who are trying to laugh at life and be grateful for insanity... I have been working on that gratitude thing?...and it is working I think...I just hope I don't die now that I feel peaceful and grateful for my kids and home...uhoh that always happens in the movies and I am reading some really sappy books by Nicholas Sparks (chic books...good ones) and so many are sick and dying when they have so much to live for...getting me paranoid. Okay, I am rambling. Love you and share me with your friends. We are all in this together right? I have missed you all. (Thanks to all your… “I miss your blog comments”) Ana