Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sibling Justice...never as great as we imagine.

Sibling rivalry....ever had it? Ever seen it? I have too. This morning my four year old daughter, Rebekah was blaming her 2 year old brother, Sam, on her foot hurting. She was repeating over and over again (in her brain scrambling, torcherous way) "Mom! Sam hurt my foot". My "sorry about that" were not cutting it in her book. She wanted justice...she wanted payback...she wanted pain. After the 15th time (I am very least I think I am) of her nagging me about Sam and her foot being hurt, I said to her, "Rebekah, what do you want to do to him? spank him?" Okay, I think this is going to strike some sort of compassion cord with her and she would cry out..."Oh, no mommy that would be so sad....I love my brother!". No. Only in my imagination. So instead of my "imagined reply" she says, " YES!". I clarify..."Do you really want me to spank Sam for that?" her reply,"YES!". Then I said (still hopeful) ..."But it would hurt Sam." She replies, "No it won't!". I said, "Yes, it will". Then she says with a shrug of her shoulders, "JUST CHECK!". Just check? ....what kind of cruel sister is this? I had to supress the laugh in my throat.
This actually brought back a memory that I have of my own childhood. I remember my brother doing something bad to us...(probably the usual punch on the arm, or stand on my face, or spit or whatever he could do to hurt me (the most aggrivating sister on the planet...I don't blame you Gary...I just feel sorry for ya)) So, my mom said to me and my other brother David...."Go get the belt!". We salivated at the idea of my brother being spanked by the belt and getting all that was coming to him. I remember being excited. I ran down the stairs were my Dad's belts were kept and looking at them I debated on whether I should bring up the belt with metal buckles spaced at every two inches..or the one without the buckles. I imagined the suffering that my brother would finally get if my Mom layed on him with the metal torcher belt. I grabbed it! (There was no way I was going to pass up this opportunity for justice!) I handed the belt to my Mom. She looks at the belt. She looks into me and my brother David's eyes, as they were filled with anticipation and excitement for what that belt would symbolize!. She looked in my brother Gary's eyes...full of fear and tear full eyes for what was to come. Then turning to us, the punishers, she slowly asks, "So, you want me to belt Gary with this belt?" We nodded with smiles, "Yes! Yes!"... "You would have me use this on his bum?" ... "Yes, Yes!". Then, my mom does the unexpected...she turns on us! "How mean you kids are that you would want your brother to feel this belt...I will belt both of you for wanting him to be hurt!". And she belted all three of us. Gary for being bad, me and David for being cruel. So, really there is no way around justice and punishment. I guess mercy should really be our only route. Now, how do we teach this to our children? I am working on it...just as you are. I will appreciate it more when they are playing with out fighting and giggling over their usual poop, pee and bum jokes. Lot better than fights. Hang in there Moms!----Ana.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

I NEED RICE ! (says the nation..and me)

I just have to share something! A couple of weeks ago, my mom tells me that her friend in Florida claims there is a rice shortage and to stock up on as much rice as possible. I laughed at this, saying that it was probably some poor rice farmer in Asia who had a brilliant idea to pass around a mass email about how there will be no more rice and get the sales going crazy. (if this was the case...brilliant, brilliant, Asian!) So, today I was at Costco and my mom and I suddenly got this urge to buy rice! To my utter dismay....there was no more rice! And there was a sign that said that everyone is limited to one bag per person (mind you this is like 20lb bag and anyone who eats this much rice in a month needs to go on a carb diet and is at risk for diabetes!) my mom is sad. She is suddenly lost down the aisle and comes back with a HUGE case of Top Ramen! I am laughing as she is saying outloud, "Fine, I will buy top Ramen this will be my rice!". I died laughing at her. We are gluttenous Americans that feel a desperation if we can't buy something ..NOW!. ( My mom later informed me that she stopped at another grocery store and bought 5 lbs of rice. She admits she doesn't cook rice so often, but feels better having it.) I am concerned about our overall gluteny in America. It is funny to me how many people have expressed concern and sympathy to me for having our fifth child and living in a three bedroom house. I see in there eyes honest concern for our housing situation! When I reflect on this I laugh at our extreme standard of living in this country! Our housing situation is great---to the rest of the world. I guess the only standard we should compare ourselves to is our own. So, whether it's a question of if 50lbs of rice is enough compared to 5lbs or a 5 bedroom home compared to a 3 bedroom a matter of perspective. I am thankful for the blessings we have in this country. Unfortunately we have to work on greed, gluteny, pride and all the other fun attributes that seem to come with an abundant life. Be grateful for your life--and all you have, cuz it is more than others and less than some! Goodnight--Ana

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Check out my videos posted! Get ready to laugh

Okay so here a few video favorites to brighten your day. Please look below at the Ohcrap one! This is classic and makes us all feel a little less sorry for us when we have had a bad day. The baby one to the right? Will just make you laugh out loud. Keep smilin! Ana

Monday, April 21, 2008

Here's to the support of Bras, Backs and Friends!

There are a lot of things I take for granted that give me support. One of them is my bra. Our bra is the most important thing we wear because more than any article of defies gravity and makes us look halfway decent. (whether you have them long, small, fat, skinny). The bra doesn't demand a lot of attention unless you are wearing a flashy one to be sexy or if your back fat is out of control and you feel it cutting into your skin. (not fun, been there, doing that!) Another thing that supports us but we overlook it's service is, our back. I have a husband who needs a daily back crack cuz his has decided not to work. So, I sit on his back everyday and push down on his back as he breaths in then out and then try for that "CRACK". The more cracks, the more accomplished I feel that day. I know it is a silly way to judge my accomplishements but when that is all I feel I was a success at that day...I take what I can! My back is hurting now. My lower back nerve (siatic..sp?) is killing me and I feel like I could just jam it into a post, and then it would feel better. Or, if someone could pull my leg out and it would snap and...aahhh, relief. But, no, I must endure this torcher so that I can appreciate this little baby coming...the sacrifice. I must remember that this is all so that I may love him enough. (ugh). So, I mention these, but the support that I feel most appreciative right now is friends. This Sunday at church I was doubting whether I would ever make it out alive with my children. Actually I wanted to be anywhere where my children were not. ( I know it sounds bad...but this blog is not about sounding good... it is me, and if you start thinking less of me for it, then you might want to find a more positive blog to read.) I was amazed at the amount of "supporters" I have in my ward. Men, women, children.... I was encouraged to "hang in there" by so many and felt love from all of them. From a look to words of was there. I felt it today aswell. A good friend told me today that she had anticipated our friendship when she had just moved here, and had recieved a spiritual witness that I would be in her life. This really touched me. I feel the Lord is very aware of each of us and he sends his "angels" which come disguised as friends to love us and support us in our life. I am so thankful for this. Without this divine support of my friends, I believe, I would be the saddest loser and would have no hope to go forward. So, this is my message. Friends are good. I love all of you, my friends. Thanks for taking the time to read my silly thoughts...and supporting me, even when I am just venting off some feelings. Tell me what you need, want...etc..and I am there for you. I owe you all so much. (Got a little mushy there) Till next time--and give thanks for your bra, your back and most of all...your friends. --Ana.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Abnormal Hair Issues

Hair is a wonderful thing. Its something that can be changed and changed again and we never suffer too much. It really is the only thing we can change immediately in our lives and I have a philosophy about it that is deep. Now, it usually works for me. When I want some change in my life or there is something that is stirring up my life that is out of my control..I chop it off or color it and it may seem a little shocking to some...but it feels great to me and I can be a different person. Sadly, I am seeing in my "old" age...that my hair does not want to bounce back as quickly to my impatient "dos". I cut my hair (actually Doug did) in December...then again (too short) in February. After I got the super-short-boy cut I thought.."Oh, no big will grow". I guess that is what young hair does. Old hair? Just stays there (and falls out--yes, I am balding despite the opinion of my sweet friends). I wondered if this was normal so I "googled" it. This is what it said, (incase you were wondering), "The normal rate to grow hair in humans is half an inch a month and the average human has approximately 100,000 hairs on their head. A single hair, in the absence of damage, can live four to five years before falling out and being replaced by a new hair." ( Okay, must look at the word "normal". Obviously I am anything but that. So, if any of you want to bring wigs back in?...I am in. Just let me know and we will make it all the rage. I might as well, since I have either wigs or scarfs as my head option in about twenty years. I tried to blow dry it today actually to make it a little more fancy, and I forgot my 10 year old daughter had tried to see what would happen if she put the tweezers (MY GOOD 20 dollar ones!) in the electric socket. Yup. Blew the whole thing to bits and it somehow blew a few other sockets along the way (not sure how that happens...maybe it is the breaker? But I have been too lazy to find out....lot more fun blaming though huh?) So, that is my gripe about hair. I would like the fashion to be 1. Wigs..bald...scarves, you pick 2. Wood Barrel dresses (you know the kind of outfit that leaves the shape of the body a total mystery? 3. ...any others you guys dream about? Please share some. I think it is about time we took charge of what is "in". Strength in numbers my sisters. Vent more later. --Ana

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Okay...once again, I cannot complain!

Releasing Life's Aggression--Methods/ Strategies

There are several ways in which one can release "life aggression". One method that I have enjoyed (but have had to pay some miserable consequences) is...eating. Nothing beats venting out emotion on a bowl of fruit loops, one Costco chocolate muffin and some icecream (milk in it..makes it yummier and icier) That is a quite enjoyable process. Of course you must endure pain in the gut and an amazing amount of guilt (no matter how much you try to block it out). Then you feel agression toward yourself as you yell "fat pig"to your reflection in the mirror. So, this really isn't very effective (though pleasurable...duh, thats why we keep doing it!) Another way to release, is pick a fight with your hubby. That can be fun only in the fact that you are getting him to communicate. Though it is negative communication we convince ourselves that it is for his own good--because the "nature of the beast" (as Doug puts it ) I believe, can be changed in men---whether they like it or not. Right? I don't think it has happened yet to this point in time. Perhaps Eve blamed it on something from that forbidden fruit--but soon realize it goes a little deeper than that. UGh. (We're with ya Eve) I had a fun little release yesterday and it only resulted in Doug explaining that he has no discerning capablilities and I need to stop picking fights when I feel aggressive...(he is no fun.) And the list of aggression release methods go on...but one I find the most productive and most tiring is kicking some "behind" during a workout. Today with friends I led the group in some kickboxing....I was a little concerned that my emotions were a lot stronger than my body--I was right and I will be paying for it the rest of the day as I attempt to kick my hip back into place. But!, it was exactly what I needed. I needed to yell at a bunch of supportive friends to kick a little higher and punch that imaginary whatever-it-is. Violence can be a positive thing, especially when you call it in the name of "excercise". So...I need to remember that kicking butt (mine and others ) in a "productive" way, can be done. So ladies....its normal to want to kill. Just kill in a positive way...right? I am thankful for "positive" outlets....a good cry is not so bad either as long as you have an aspirine and someone who will hug you in the end--(thanks Doug). Good luck to all you aggressive sistas--Till next time. Ana

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lucky Charms and Pregnancy

Should you call poison control if you two year old eats a "super-size" box of Lucky Charms marshmellows (yes, just the marshmellows)? The reason why I ask that question is this is the second day of his "magically delicious" marshmellow craze and he has the brightest green-blue poop I have ever seen. Like the Sci-Fi channel. I remember when I was pregnant with my first daughter, Elizabeth, and I had just drank a blue Power aid--got sick and threw up the brightest blue vomit ever. Doug thought it was very pretty while he dry heaved (wussy). So, if nobody out there is concerned...I will just continue letting him fend for himself with the super box (such a deal at Fry's!) Some day we will really see what this dye has done to our system....maybe longer life? As long as it does not prolong pregnancy. I think that would be the ultimate curse to pregnant women. Why does it have to be nine months? God is so wise--he knows that by the sixth month we are ready to have it--seventh, we feel a little "stretched" and that we could have this baby and possilby love him/her still--eighth, we want to eat any herb neccessary to get the baby out even willing to go out to a special river and pot a squat like the Indians of old.--By the nineth month, we are so desperate to have the baby out that anyone who looks at us, touches us, tells us they "love" pregnancy, has a death wish.--Not to mention we are are willing to shovel, walk, drink epichach, dehydrate....anything to get this baby out. I am six months now and I feel already at the eighth month level--I guess when this is your fifth, you are on a whole nubba lebol. Well, I have escaped somewhat righting this while I have to endure Dora audio in the background--please kill me. You are insane when in the middle of the night you are humming Dora the Explorer songs. She yells a lot. Why is it so "wrong" that I yell too? Maybe I should try it with a more happy tone! That is it! It may still be therapeutic.
Talk more later.--Ana

Gettin Started

Oh my--I can see that this will be difficult. I just wrote an eloquent email about me and my hesitation to get started and as I click "publish post"....I am given a message that it could not publish because my internet protection had timed out my time on the internet. Uggh. I can see that this is not going to be all that easy. I can also see that I may have to say sh--- for the 29th time today (not an exageration) . It was a hard day...and a lot of things like this happened to me today. I felt justified in every way to cuss. (I am working on it--but I think my subconsious is in love with that word! ) So many cups of liquid fell on the floor today--my patio umbrella flies off the pole and almost lands on me (the look on my children's faces as their mother has yet another near death experience was comical I gotta say)--Kids jumping on a newly folded stack of clothes on the bed--not having potatoes for the stew (stew already started on the stove--sorry no potatoes in the stew tonight)--husband leaving the key in his motorcycle ignition and killing the engine, I pick him up and save him yet once again (me bitter?)--Sam and Beckah fell, bumped, hit and whined all day (which is enough to completely go insane)--Sadie (if you knew her--there would be no question) --So, this is just some of the excitement of my day and if this stinkin (there is a word I can say) blog thing doesn't work...I may tell Ashlie (the encourager of the blog) that my bloggin days were short and sweet--and spare all of you or none of you (depending on who is sad enough to read this that my blogging days are over. This blog is much more cynicle than my first...sorry. Till next time--