Monday, April 21, 2008

Here's to the support of Bras, Backs and Friends!

There are a lot of things I take for granted that give me support. One of them is my bra. Our bra is the most important thing we wear because more than any article of defies gravity and makes us look halfway decent. (whether you have them long, small, fat, skinny). The bra doesn't demand a lot of attention unless you are wearing a flashy one to be sexy or if your back fat is out of control and you feel it cutting into your skin. (not fun, been there, doing that!) Another thing that supports us but we overlook it's service is, our back. I have a husband who needs a daily back crack cuz his has decided not to work. So, I sit on his back everyday and push down on his back as he breaths in then out and then try for that "CRACK". The more cracks, the more accomplished I feel that day. I know it is a silly way to judge my accomplishements but when that is all I feel I was a success at that day...I take what I can! My back is hurting now. My lower back nerve (siatic..sp?) is killing me and I feel like I could just jam it into a post, and then it would feel better. Or, if someone could pull my leg out and it would snap and...aahhh, relief. But, no, I must endure this torcher so that I can appreciate this little baby coming...the sacrifice. I must remember that this is all so that I may love him enough. (ugh). So, I mention these, but the support that I feel most appreciative right now is friends. This Sunday at church I was doubting whether I would ever make it out alive with my children. Actually I wanted to be anywhere where my children were not. ( I know it sounds bad...but this blog is not about sounding good... it is me, and if you start thinking less of me for it, then you might want to find a more positive blog to read.) I was amazed at the amount of "supporters" I have in my ward. Men, women, children.... I was encouraged to "hang in there" by so many and felt love from all of them. From a look to words of was there. I felt it today aswell. A good friend told me today that she had anticipated our friendship when she had just moved here, and had recieved a spiritual witness that I would be in her life. This really touched me. I feel the Lord is very aware of each of us and he sends his "angels" which come disguised as friends to love us and support us in our life. I am so thankful for this. Without this divine support of my friends, I believe, I would be the saddest loser and would have no hope to go forward. So, this is my message. Friends are good. I love all of you, my friends. Thanks for taking the time to read my silly thoughts...and supporting me, even when I am just venting off some feelings. Tell me what you need, want...etc..and I am there for you. I owe you all so much. (Got a little mushy there) Till next time--and give thanks for your bra, your back and most of all...your friends. --Ana.