Thursday, January 27, 2011

Haiku's are my only remedy.... I have written some haiku's of my own. This is not a declaration of me as a poet but of a woman with some serious feelings that can only be expressed as of anciently... lol. Enjoy and don't expect TOO much. My first try, cut me some slack.

Steam rises from heat,
Melting ice cream cherry falls
Screams the child within.

Palms sway in the breeze,
Mango juicy quenching thirst
Gold glitter on me

Leaves fall to the ground
At my feet a pile of years
Life is born from love

No band aid for me
Whiney children die! die! die!
Peace through pain killers

Strength comes from effort
Deodorant has worn off
Nothing left to prove

Head pulse to the beat
Rumpilicious shaky shake
No music eyes closed

Hungry children now
Dinner waiting to be served
Face book beckons me to stay

Surge of loneliness
Memories of life and death
The red chair beckons