Saturday, April 26, 2008

I NEED RICE ! (says the nation..and me)

I just have to share something! A couple of weeks ago, my mom tells me that her friend in Florida claims there is a rice shortage and to stock up on as much rice as possible. I laughed at this, saying that it was probably some poor rice farmer in Asia who had a brilliant idea to pass around a mass email about how there will be no more rice and get the sales going crazy. (if this was the case...brilliant, brilliant, Asian!) So, today I was at Costco and my mom and I suddenly got this urge to buy rice! To my utter dismay....there was no more rice! And there was a sign that said that everyone is limited to one bag per person (mind you this is like 20lb bag and anyone who eats this much rice in a month needs to go on a carb diet and is at risk for diabetes!) my mom is sad. She is suddenly lost down the aisle and comes back with a HUGE case of Top Ramen! I am laughing as she is saying outloud, "Fine, I will buy top Ramen this will be my rice!". I died laughing at her. We are gluttenous Americans that feel a desperation if we can't buy something ..NOW!. ( My mom later informed me that she stopped at another grocery store and bought 5 lbs of rice. She admits she doesn't cook rice so often, but feels better having it.) I am concerned about our overall gluteny in America. It is funny to me how many people have expressed concern and sympathy to me for having our fifth child and living in a three bedroom house. I see in there eyes honest concern for our housing situation! When I reflect on this I laugh at our extreme standard of living in this country! Our housing situation is great---to the rest of the world. I guess the only standard we should compare ourselves to is our own. So, whether it's a question of if 50lbs of rice is enough compared to 5lbs or a 5 bedroom home compared to a 3 bedroom a matter of perspective. I am thankful for the blessings we have in this country. Unfortunately we have to work on greed, gluteny, pride and all the other fun attributes that seem to come with an abundant life. Be grateful for your life--and all you have, cuz it is more than others and less than some! Goodnight--Ana