Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ben likes...no LOVES pie!

Um...yeah, eating habits are still at an all-time high! This baby is so scrumptious...add pie, and you just might bite through the skin!

I'm Back...and I am Worse!

Drum roll please.......yes, I am back! For how long? I cannot tell. Sorry for the instability in my writing but after my follow through with body surgery, and my starting the new "church of Jewelry", life has been extremely crazy, weird and different. Daily there have been things to write about and I am constantly saying to myself that I will return back to my blog. I was planning on changing it's title "Confessions of a Non-drinker" for a little sick humor...but I may keep it where it is at. Cuz really this is my world, and I am....me. I cannot write long since I am still lasting through only about 3 hours of sleep last night. Guess who is retarded..(okay, mentally challenged) and decided to get rid of the crib and put Ben in a toddler bed. Poor kid is not even 1 1/2 years old and I am already telling him to "get a job". We even took his high chair away. Poor little guy, he has been doing a lot of sign gestures lately....wait a minute! I know what kind of sign gestures he has been doing!! (Not appropriate ones) ...but we deserve it really! I wanted more room in our little home....high chair! HUGE!! Crib GINORMOUS!!... why do kid things have to be so big? So alas, after an all nighter with my had on his back and him hitting his bed several times on the corner of the toddler bed and finding his way through the food storage in the hall (that was under the crib...now where do we put it? :) ) We have him now back in the crib....Doug is patient. So, goodnight and I keep you posted on my life once again, if you care and if you don't, then that is cool too.....because I hate you too! -----Ana. (Can you tell I am not RS pres anymore?...can everyone say "Digression"?)