Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh what two months of cream can do!

This is Benjamine Douglas Marshall, at the hospital on Aug 1 2008 and today after his bath on Oct 13 2008....oh what a difference two months make!


  1. That is ok Benjamin, you will loose it someday. We have been told over and over again about food storage and you are doing just not like you can store breast milk any other way, right?.
    He is perfect!is like squeezing a relaxation ball.
    Love, Amma

  2. It is easier to lug them around when they are big because there is something to hold on to and you don't feel like they are going to break.

  3. That is unreal.I cant believe how big he is.Reagan is jelous he gets cream and she gets skim milk.She is a girl and is watching her weight.