Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Releasing Life's Aggression--Methods/ Strategies

There are several ways in which one can release "life aggression". One method that I have enjoyed (but have had to pay some miserable consequences) is...eating. Nothing beats venting out emotion on a bowl of fruit loops, one Costco chocolate muffin and some icecream (milk in it..makes it yummier and icier) That is a quite enjoyable process. Of course you must endure pain in the gut and an amazing amount of guilt (no matter how much you try to block it out). Then you feel agression toward yourself as you yell "fat pig"to your reflection in the mirror. So, this really isn't very effective (though pleasurable...duh, thats why we keep doing it!) Another way to release, is pick a fight with your hubby. That can be fun only in the fact that you are getting him to communicate. Though it is negative communication we convince ourselves that it is for his own good--because the "nature of the beast" (as Doug puts it ) I believe, can be changed in men---whether they like it or not. Right? I don't think it has happened yet to this point in time. Perhaps Eve blamed it on something from that forbidden fruit--but soon realize it goes a little deeper than that. UGh. (We're with ya Eve) I had a fun little release yesterday and it only resulted in Doug explaining that he has no discerning capablilities and I need to stop picking fights when I feel aggressive...(he is no fun.) And the list of aggression release methods go on...but one I find the most productive and most tiring is kicking some "behind" during a workout. Today with friends I led the group in some kickboxing....I was a little concerned that my emotions were a lot stronger than my body--I was right and I will be paying for it the rest of the day as I attempt to kick my hip back into place. But!, it was exactly what I needed. I needed to yell at a bunch of supportive friends to kick a little higher and punch that imaginary whatever-it-is. Violence can be a positive thing, especially when you call it in the name of "excercise". So...I need to remember that kicking butt (mine and others ) in a "productive" way, can be done. So ladies....its normal to want to kill. Just kill in a positive way...right? I am thankful for "positive" outlets....a good cry is not so bad either as long as you have an aspirine and someone who will hug you in the end--(thanks Doug). Good luck to all you aggressive sistas--Till next time. Ana

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  1. Thanks for the workout. It really does do wonders for the frustration of the awesome endless laundry, dishes, floor, vacuuming, and did I mention the bathroom...yeah boys. Hope your hip feels better. And that picture of the sextuplets...Ok that puts my twins picture to shame.