Friday, April 18, 2008

Abnormal Hair Issues

Hair is a wonderful thing. Its something that can be changed and changed again and we never suffer too much. It really is the only thing we can change immediately in our lives and I have a philosophy about it that is deep. Now, it usually works for me. When I want some change in my life or there is something that is stirring up my life that is out of my control..I chop it off or color it and it may seem a little shocking to some...but it feels great to me and I can be a different person. Sadly, I am seeing in my "old" age...that my hair does not want to bounce back as quickly to my impatient "dos". I cut my hair (actually Doug did) in December...then again (too short) in February. After I got the super-short-boy cut I thought.."Oh, no big will grow". I guess that is what young hair does. Old hair? Just stays there (and falls out--yes, I am balding despite the opinion of my sweet friends). I wondered if this was normal so I "googled" it. This is what it said, (incase you were wondering), "The normal rate to grow hair in humans is half an inch a month and the average human has approximately 100,000 hairs on their head. A single hair, in the absence of damage, can live four to five years before falling out and being replaced by a new hair." ( Okay, must look at the word "normal". Obviously I am anything but that. So, if any of you want to bring wigs back in?...I am in. Just let me know and we will make it all the rage. I might as well, since I have either wigs or scarfs as my head option in about twenty years. I tried to blow dry it today actually to make it a little more fancy, and I forgot my 10 year old daughter had tried to see what would happen if she put the tweezers (MY GOOD 20 dollar ones!) in the electric socket. Yup. Blew the whole thing to bits and it somehow blew a few other sockets along the way (not sure how that happens...maybe it is the breaker? But I have been too lazy to find out....lot more fun blaming though huh?) So, that is my gripe about hair. I would like the fashion to be 1. Wigs..bald...scarves, you pick 2. Wood Barrel dresses (you know the kind of outfit that leaves the shape of the body a total mystery? 3. ...any others you guys dream about? Please share some. I think it is about time we took charge of what is "in". Strength in numbers my sisters. Vent more later. --Ana


  1. how 'bout sweatpants, the big baggy ones that are super soft and actually comfortable. . . not the "work-out" pants that are so tight I have to be in-shape before I can wear my "work-out" pants to the gym.

  2. I'm loving the barrel idea. Just so I can wear it 24-7 so it is an eternal mystery I or anyone else never have to face. Might want to invent a sweet cushion interior. Then when I'm exhausted I'll just tip over and sleep.

  3. I think that wigs and scarves might just be fine but then again maybe a hat just might work better...


    Teddy said it was a hat,
    So I put it on.
    Now Dad is saying,
    "Where the heck's
    the toilet plunger gone?"

    -Shel Silverstein

  4. I vote for my "pirate" pants...much to my hubby's dismay (he absolutely HATES THEM!)
    They are so comfy, and I only wear them around the house or to the gym. Oh, and as for hair- men will NEVER undestand that it makes us feel like a whole new gives us that extra little "umph"that we need when things are not so hot.