Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gettin Started

Oh my--I can see that this will be difficult. I just wrote an eloquent email about me and my hesitation to get started and as I click "publish post"....I am given a message that it could not publish because my internet protection had timed out my time on the internet. Uggh. I can see that this is not going to be all that easy. I can also see that I may have to say sh--- for the 29th time today (not an exageration) . It was a hard day...and a lot of things like this happened to me today. I felt justified in every way to cuss. (I am working on it--but I think my subconsious is in love with that word! ) So many cups of liquid fell on the floor today--my patio umbrella flies off the pole and almost lands on me (the look on my children's faces as their mother has yet another near death experience was comical I gotta say)--Kids jumping on a newly folded stack of clothes on the bed--not having potatoes for the stew (stew already started on the stove--sorry no potatoes in the stew tonight)--husband leaving the key in his motorcycle ignition and killing the engine, I pick him up and save him yet once again (me bitter?)--Sam and Beckah fell, bumped, hit and whined all day (which is enough to completely go insane)--Sadie (if you knew her--there would be no question) --So, this is just some of the excitement of my day and if this stinkin (there is a word I can say) blog thing doesn't work...I may tell Ashlie (the encourager of the blog) that my bloggin days were short and sweet--and spare all of you or none of you (depending on who is sad enough to read this that my blogging days are over. This blog is much more cynicle than my first...sorry. Till next time--

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