Saturday, October 18, 2008


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all of you good, sweet friends who helped celebrate my one step closer to 40!...and all of those who didn't even know it was my birthday and just assume that I will always be 29...I love you more! No, 36 is going to be a good long as I can get my lipo, tummy tuck..and boob lift...(maybe a little filler too?) I know I talk a lot about body reconstruction and it is not that I am insecure or depressed about my body image...but you know I figure if this body has been through 5 babies...and 36 is due for some renovation! At church they say, "your body is a temple" right? Well, I know for a fact that the temple shuts down for two weeks out of the year for remodeling and so will I! (If I can afford it of course...which probably means, it will stay a dream of mine.) I might have to keep squishing my fat to the side when I look in the mirror..if I want to see my "after" shot. I know I am being a little vain, I apologize for anyone who feels sorry for me. I am shallow what can I say? Hah! But, my birthday was good and Mom bought me the "Costco Cake". You know, the "Matilda" cake? The chocolate wonder that I swear the baker at Costco made a pact with the devil to make it so sinfully good! I am so glad that he did sell his soul to the devil cuz he has made me one happy, chubby, 36 year old. (Hello Lipo!!) I tried to send a piece to Amy today. I put it in a container and everything...but it was so heavy...I decided to eat it instead. My mom told me yesterday that 2 ounces of dark chocolate is good for you. She said it raises the Seratonin in your brain. So, eat, eat!!! That has gotta taste better than prozac don't you think? Of course it might throw you into depression at just knowing the calories and fat in the chocolate...but hey can't have it all! (you piggie). Well, it is late and I must to go to bed. I have watched a lot of Sci Fi with Doug tonight...and I feel like my brain has turned into a"Nosgul". (those are the enemy of the Stargate guys...KILL ME!!) ---Ana.


  1. Thanks for trying! I love that cake but would never buy it. You know me, I would eat a few bites and then throw the whole thing away. I didn't realize you are on the back side of thirty, yikes! lol
    Believe Lipo isn't all that it's cracked up to be.

  2. Don't send any to me either. I would eat a couple of bites and then come eat the entire cake! No control here. Happy Birthday by the way. I would fall under that didn't know it was your birthday and thought you would stay 29 forever category. You look about 27 so why not go with it.

    P.S. I wasn't feeling sorry for you so much as wanting to ring your neck for not realizing how gorgeous you are. Girl, you need a new mirror or something.