Sunday, February 6, 2011

Marriage and Family battle scars....

So below are the new additions to our wall and our lives. When Doug and I were just married we had created the "White Notebook". In this notebook were ground rules and ideas we believed in and ideally wanted to achieve. We were hopeful that we would keep to this notebook and were confident that it would lead us to happiness in this life and in the next. Of course it is easy to stray from the "white notebook". Satan and temptations...tired of trying...and many distractions have made it difficult to live every word of the white notebook. We have had our ups and downs like any other family and marriage. Recently we had another "awakening" of sorts and realized that we have become off track in a lot of ways in our family and marriage. We are coasting by and taking for granted our life. After many prayers and tears we came up with these two documents. They are now hanging on our wall with the Christ in the middle. We created these together as a family and as a marriage. This was not a quick write up...this took some thought. Eternal family is not easy. Today we tried to have some discussion and scripture time and by the time me and Doug were through--we wanted to kill and burn our creed. It is not easy to patiently give up our carnal appetites and passions for what is most important--and that is each other and family. I am a living testament to that. But what I do know that when and IF we do attain this "Nirvana" of family and marriage life...I bet it will be worth every bit of those tears. Good luck to all those troopers who are trying to win the fight too. (Scream when no one is listening while listening to some crazy secret.) :-)


  1. I go through times like this myself with my family and husband. We haven't written anything though. The biggest thing that holds us together and help us stick to our goals is to have family counsel meeting every single time we have a meal together for dinner or breakfast on Sat morning. Dinner hour is usually an hour long and no door knocks or phones are allowed to interrupt. Hang in there! You aren't the only lady screaming at home to music, lol!

  2. hump.. I scream while they are listening.. just so that the kids can see that mom gets frustrated too.. It is a very hard task to live for the family. Really though, Parents are the guiding force of the home.. if Parents are not partners together, and are disrespectful, or assumptive in their manner, then the children will follow suit. That being said, I still contend that I gave birth so that I had someone else to torture.. and to warp. It is the Basco way.