Saturday, December 25, 2010

When flirting ferociously is part of survival.

The children are finally asleep. Why does the word "finally" always precede the word asleep when we are talking about our children? It isn't a mystery actually, no need to answer... Today Doug and I were listening to the children argue, banter, laugh and play (yes, that does happen occasionally) in the other room, after we took our earplugs out, and we made a statement to each other that we have made before..."those are a lot of kids!" and then we half smile and sigh. (That usually proceeds the "lot of kids" statement) So often we feel inadequate for such a task--you know caring and nurturing. We also worry that they will be "messed up" someday from our lame parenting. I hope not, but you never really know. I guess all we can do is just the basics? Like loving, caring and teaching our children by word and deed... The same goes in marriage. Nurturing in marriage is vital and lately the nurturing had been lacking. The complication comes when there is little time for nurturing--or whatever you want to blame that on. Me and Doug recommitted to "flirt ferociously" today and then put the earplugs BACK in the ears to cuddle....cuz that is also survival tactic when dealing with 5 beautiful loud children. We ARE going to make this family thing work gosh darn it...hope it doesn't kill us. :-) goodnight.

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  1. Anadine Marshall, yours are truly some of my favorite posts! You say it (type it) like it is and I love the humor you put into everything! When our kids are being as "fun" as you are describing your kids being, I say to Eric, "I love YOUR kids a lot---they are great!" :) Hope you enjoyed the holidays and can have a nice start to the New Year! We miss you guys.